Something very strange happened to me once: I suddenly forgot what was coming sooner - seven or eight. I went to the neighbors and asked what they meant. But how great was my astonishment when it suddenly turned out that they too had forgotten the order of the numbers. We went together to the "Gastronom" department store on Znamenskaya, corner of Basseynaya, and asked the cashier. The cashier smiled sadly, took a little hammer out of her mouth, sucked in the air and said: "In my opinion, seven is after eight in this case when eight comes after seven"

We thanked the cashier happily and ran out. But suddenly, when we thought about the information from the cashier more closely, we fell silent again, because it seemed completely pointless to us. What to do? We went to the summer garden and started counting the trees. But when we got to six we stopped and got into an argument. According to some, seven followed, according to others, eight. We would have argued for a long time, but luckily one child fell off the bench and broke both jaws. That put us away from our argument. So we parted and went home.

12. November 1935 - Daniil Charms